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Major China Toy Production Region Report

Time:2012-11-23  Author:Planning Dept.  Views:1168 Source:Sam Toys Company

Yunhe, Zhejiang-- China Wooden Toy City

Located in the southwestern mountain area of Zhejiang and the middle part of Lishui City, Yunhe covers a total area of 984 sq.m., with amazing and picturesque scenery. Since the opening reform in China, Ynuhe people make full use of their creativity and prosper the local wooden toy section.

By 2003, nearly 500 wooden toy enterprises have been set up with a working staff of over 20,000 people, a proportion of one fifth out of the total 110,000 people in the small county; the annual gross output amounted to 1.5 billion Yuan, left 1 million Yuan of that in the early 1980s far behind. Yunhe toys enjoy markets of over 30 countries and regions, records 50% in export volume of its kind in China and become the largest wooden toy manufacture base in the nation and even in Asian-Pacific Region. In May 2004, Yunhe was honored with the title of “China Wooden Toy City” by China National Light Industry Association.

Chenghai, Guangdong --Toy manufacture base for B/O and plastic toys in China

Toy and gift industry has always been the feature and backbone industry for Chenghai. At present, Chenghai has more than 2,800enterprises dealing with toys and gifts, with a total working staff of over 100,000. The toy and gift industry last year alone generated an overall output of 8.8 billion Yuan, occupying over 40% of total industry output in the region. More than 70% products made in Chenghai enjoy markets in over 100 countries and regions.

In addition, Chenghai enterprises produce more than 50,000 patterns of toys and gifts. With continuous upgrading of products, mid and high grade of toy products with sound, lights or operated by batteries take over 20% out of the total. Enterprises in Chenghai divide the work naturally, and have formed a complex system mixed with printing, coating and packing. The kits of services made up of raw materials supply, mould process, assembling, packing, marketing and transportation have come into being.

Yangzhou & Yizheng, Jiangsu -- Plush toys manufacture base in China

Toys are traditional products to Yangzhou. Since the reform and opening to outside world, Yangzhou toys have gained fast growth. Some local regions, such as Weiyang, Hanjiang and Yizheng, have already formed a large-scaled characterized toy groups.

The number of existing enterprises with a certain large scale amounts to nearly 100, with an annual output of 3 billion Yuan and a working staff of nearly 40,000. therein, the number of registered toy enterprises in Weiyang District totaled 351, and that of toy enterprises whose capital exceed 5 million Yuan surpasses 20, with an annual output of nearly 1.2 billion Yuan and a working staff of approximately 20,000.

The whole city established toy markets and relevant raw material markets and formed a comparatively intact industry chain. Some toy products made in Yangzhou are exported to the occidental countries and regions. Toy exporting has taken an important position in the city’s exporting section.

There are currently 143 toy enterprises set up in Yizheng City, most of which deal with plush toys. However, around 60% of the enterprises are processing factories which do processing work for mid or large scale enterprises. The annual toy exporting value totals approximately 1 billion Yuan

Pram industry is one of the characterized industries that Pinghu lays stress on. Pinghu currently has 32 pram makers, 28 of which lie in Xincang Town; while the number of enterprises offering kits of services for pram kinds of prams annually, most of which enjoys markets of Hubei and Tianjin, taking 10% share of China domestic market.

Pinghu Zhejiang -- Pram manufacture base in China

In addition, the annual sales value totals over 300 million yuan and the annual exporting value reaches nearly 4 million US dollars. Around a quarter of prams in China market are from Pinghu, while 84% of which are made in Xincang Town.